Avoid accosting a bee hive when inspecting it specially if you’re going to encounter African bees (they’re known as killer bees). Removing bees is practicable with sufficient anticipation, and it reduces the likelihood of being stung.

Avoid jolting or precipitously spraying insecticide at a bee nest. Firstly, ensure that anyone with allergies is distanced from a bee area. Allergies metastasize to severe conditions sometimes they can be lethal. Night-time is optimal for bee removal.


Beekeepers are seasoned at removing feral bees outdoors, downsizing a controlled beehive, exterminating an underground bee nest, and eliminating a bee nest in an interior structure.

Garden or hardware stores have applicable insecticide and pesticides plus befitting tools to manually remove a bee nest.


A smoker is a helpful tool to abate hostile bees when attempting to remove their nest or hive.

Considerations of bee removal

  • Ÿ  Security near hives of people and pets
  • Ÿ  Differential behavior of bees and wasps
  • Ÿ  Size of bees and wasps
  • Ÿ  Methods for bee and wasp extermination
  • Ÿ  Environmental concerns which dictate bee removal procedures

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