Bee pollen has amino acids,  enzymes, primary anti-oxidants plus vitamins. Processing bee pollen is straightforward and it’s better consumed fresh. The procedure and equipment to process bee pollen are uncomplicated to employ.


Buy or construct a pollen trap that befits the entrance to your hive. Assure the trap has 5-mesh hardware screen, a stockpile tray and frame. This screen has adequate capacity so bees can access the hive and to sweep the pollen.

Gather bee pollen traps every 3 days. The bees will know they can’t access the hive stuffed with pollen when they transit the screen. After 3 days, withdraw the trap and compile pollen to cleanse it. Change the trap 3 days afterward to draw more pollen and advance 3 day cycles by situating the trap and recuperating it. Draw pollen with a disinfected plastic pail.


Work with the pollen in an unpolluted area specially if you plan to develop bee products (it entails being licensed and inspection of workshop). All gadgets that will be used entail sterilization and to be authorized by an inspector, if they‘ll be used for commercial use.

Cull the pollen with a sifter to separate pollen from bee detritus, etc. Next, insert the pollen atop the disinfected trays for examination and ensure all remnants are cleansed.

Afterward insert pollen in sealed freezer bag, container then date harvest and expiration on it. Alternatively, an authorized technique is situating trays of pollen in a dehydrator for one hour. Desiccate pollen and transfer it inside decontaminated jars. Mark the jars and stock them in a cool and dry site. Assure there’s an expiration date on all packets.


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