The period for cultivated bees and their supply is finite. Order bred bees in Winter and arrange a delivery in early April. Your hive should be already constructed and situated in an advantageous site.


Upon receiving the bred bees immediately inspect them, because there may be deceased bees. If the queen or the majority of your bees are deceased then promptly address it to the apiarist. Quickly get reimbursement or replace the bees.


If you’re hiving in hot weather then store your bees in a temperate room not above 70 degrees. As the bees acclimate to their condition, overspread the screened sides with sugar syrup. Replete the bees with it because they’ll be easier to handle.


Settle the bees in-hive later in the afternoon when they’ll be more temperate (not wanting to fly). Uncover the hive and uninstall 4 frames from one area for capacity for the bred bees. Employ the entrance cleat to reduce the hive entryway to 3 inches. Detach the package strip from the roof of the cage and shake the bottom of the cage. Withdraw the queen cage. Detach the pasteboard atop the candy edge of the queen cage and with a small nail pierce a hole through it. The orifice shouldn’t be big so the queen instantly escapes. Dangle the queen cage, screen part down between 2 middle frames.


Detach the feeder and shake several bees atop the queen cage. Beekeepers choose to accommodate the partly emptied container inverted (top side up), inside the vacant space

by detaching the 4 compartments. Situate the inner cover inverted atop the hive and locate the feeder can, feeding holes downward atop the hole in the inner cover. Combine a vacant super to accommodate the bee feeder can and install it on the outer cover.




The colony should be alone one week except for nourishing them with syrup (if necessary). If the queen hasn’t departed from her compartment, free her. Detach the queen cage and shipping cage and change the vacant bee frames. Remain nourishing the bees until nectar is produced and the colony is vigorous to start depositing honey in the super.

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