Nesting customs of wasps are contrary to bees.

Eradicating bees begins with deciding where a colony is situated in your property, within inside structure or outdoors. Bees that nest inside walls and fascia can be handled with a potent insecticide for bees. The application process should be done at night-time or predawn, because most of the bee colony will be in-nest and inactive.


Boric acid (powder) is a conventional insecticide for bee extermination. Strewn substantial amounts on and surrounding the nest area. The procedure is lengthier because it’s contingent on bees methodically contaminating the boundaries inside the hive structure.

As soon as the population has diminished then eliminate the nest to prevent other bees from appropriating the area. Timing of the boric acid treatment is indeterminable but colony reduction is apparent within a week. A repeat application should be done because there may be lingering worker bees returning to the nest.

Put on dense clothes with a flexible long sleeve shirt and pants, also heavy gloves should shield you.

For bee nest disposal, thickened duty trash bags are handy to insert the removed bee nest for fortified disposal.


For a worker bee problem, then an inexpensive makeshift trap is practicable to dwindle their traffic. The following are tips for home-made bee traps:

  • Ÿ  Sever the top of a 2 liter soda bottle an inch above the label
  • Ÿ  Invert the top portion and insert it into the bottom half. It should resemble an upside down filter
  • Ÿ  Fasten (staple) the portions together at the rim
  • Ÿ  Add a nectar or sweetened juice but leave an inch of space between the tip of the bottle and bottom of the liquid


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